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Candidates to have an IQ above a hundred. All candidates to endure a lie detector test using questions like; “Would you take an overseas trip for no reason in any respect except to gather the per diem? ” and “Do you propose to next page honor your election promises? ” All candidates to be able to working a 12 hour day. As Tuna fishing grounds around the globe shut down due to dwindling shares, increasingly overseas eyes will be looking this fashion chooks! In the western Pacific, quotas are coming into play but right here in the Cooks 2 million square miles fishery, we are exempt from quotas as a end result of our grounds are under-fished!

To lobby pop over to this site the others in fact to maintain the Tahitians sitting on the sidelines! And what do the Wallabies and Kiwis say? They’re in all probability in bed with Scaryzosky! When will Tahiti get it’s independence?

Popular eatery for us chooks seeking up-market crumbs has simply turn out to be off limits! Just as a outcome of some pesky human employee is alleged to have slipped up on some chook doo dah injuring her knees! The proof was more shaky chooks, a claim of skid marks and residue doo dah but where is the DNA evidence?

Notice how the kumete bowl was just handed over without any pomp and conventional ceremony! And no mention in the speech that it was carved by a great Cook Island carver. Why are the gas lot being taken before the High Beak by the landowners chooks? Technos from Lamb Land due as a lot as have a nosey we hear.

One Kiwi admitted bringing over his own push bike in order to not pay to rent one here! Just ask some motel operators what these “big spending” tourists eat. Cans of Sardines more doubtless, actually not caviar.

Two more visitors of Her Majesty’s Arorangi Penitentiary strolled out Read Full Article by way of the revolving doors last Saturday chooks! And information handy that Richard Branson is to be conferred with the standing of honorary Permanent Resident. Branson is said to be considerably mystified but pleased with the announcement.

It has been estimated that if the big volcano in the Canary Islands falls into Web Site the sea, the wave generated shall be over one hundred feet excessive when it reaches Trafalgar Square in London. Kiwi land is lots closer to us. Now here’s a suggestion, all those that think a tsunami isn't any risk, you go on and rush right down to the sea side next time however remember to take your surf board in case there is a wave, a one hundred foot wave. Listen up chooks, word is USA President Barack Obama is to carry discussions in the Cook Islands with other Pacific Leaders as a end result of secure nature of the nation.

One chook laments children these days would quite sit in front of a pc display than take up a rod and bait and head for the lagoon or reef! Where do younger children be taught to fish? In the recent water creeks however many of those are dried up!

The Demos then proceeded to separate into two camps with 6 on one facet and 9 on the opposite. There’s hope for the little folks yet chooks because of the Judiciary! In one latest case not only was a novice granted his day in court in opposition to legally higher geared up opposition however the Justice ensured justice was done and seen to be accomplished. Very few it appears and after the New Year occasion, zilch!

Obviously, the hex times two, needs to be lifted but by what methodology? How to appease all land claimants or broker a truce to permit Sherrie to be properly clothed? Perhaps the solution is to offer all claimants shares and a minimize of the revenue earlier than tax. Not forgetting the stately head of Puaikura.

Then, mysteriously, the tank disappeared. Enquiries made of the top line security guards on the wharf gate revealed a truck had carried the tank away from the wharf and it may now be somewhere in Betela. MOIP still has the tank beneath tender. Isn’t it great NZ cash built some new single and two bedroom houses in Aitutaki?